25 Ways To Improve Facebook Likes For Brands & Businesses

Today almost all small to large businesses use Facebook to promote their business online. In this blog I will be teaching you how you can increase the likes of your Facebook posts, images, videos or your Facebook business page.  The sentiments of your brand on social media can play a vital role in branding and building trust with customers. Social media sites help us to interact with our customers, engage and make connection with our prospective customers. The easiest way to increase your likes is Facebook paid ads, but there are many other ways to do it free of cost. So let’s see how we can improve the likes on Facebook.

1) First make lots of friends on Facebook. The more the number of friends the more chances are that you will receive likes or shares.

2) Create a proper Facebook page for your Brand. Highlight all details about your brand, make use of targeted keywords in the headline, description and image names. It will help your page rank well on search engines and within Facebook search when people look for it.

3) Engage with your friends. Like, share and comment on their posts even if their posts are not good enough. This will make you popular with your friends and you will get noticed by them, whenever next time when you post something.

4) Write creative posts with catchy headline along.

5) Make use of images in your post, it is a well-established fact that images attract more attention from users.

6) Don’t just post or promote things related to your business products and services, every now and then post funny or inspirational images or videos.

7) Make use of popular trending hashtags(#) it helps to reach wider audience.

8) Be active on regularly on Facebook site.

9) Time is also an important factor while sharing something. Try to find out at what time of day people are actively using Facebook, and publish your post during that time. Normally evening time fron 5pm to 9pm is the best time to post on Facebook, during this time your posts will get maximum impression.

10) Join Facebook Groups and Communities and publish your posts there. You should only post on relevant groups related to your business and not just any groups. Posting regularly on your groups is really important.

11) You can also create your own Group and slowly build followers, it is a tedious task but wroth it.

12) While posting tag your friends, they will get a notification of your post and they may like it.

13) Use a Facebook like plugin on your every blog post. This is very essential to improve the organic traffic on your website. If visitors find your post interesting they will surely like and share it on their Facebook account.

14) Create a Facebook like button on your company website, it can be anywhere at the footer, header or at the right hand column of website.

15) Create Facebook contest, it still works like a charm, In this you can give prizes to lucky winners like T-shirts, Cash prize, Coupons, Amazon gift card, or products which your company is selling. You can ask participants to like and share your Brand page.

16) Promote your Facebook brand page by sharing the link on other social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn. Ask other people to visit or like your page.

17) In case you want to increase the likes on your Facebook business page, invite your friends to like it. If you wish to increase your likes quickly then you can go for paid advertisement. Your ads will be shown to the people whom you have targeted based upon location, Age, Gender & Interests.

18) Create interactive, interesting short videos related to your products, they are by far the most effective means to engage with audience. You can hire Film-making studio for this. This can get expensive but it’s worth the price. When you post some funny or inspirational videos people are more likely to react to it by liking it, sharing and often they will visit your Business page and like it for similar posts in future.

19) If you have a good Fan base you can offer a 10-50% discount to your fans. It will definitely prompt your fans to share it among their friends which will result in getting more likes and product purchases.

20) Add a Facebook like button on the Thank you page of your e-commerce website. Happy customers are bound to like you.

21) Add your Facebook URL in the newsletters you send to your readers.

22) You can also create a push notification or a pop-up light-box asking visitors to like your page.

23) Put your Facebook URL on your business card and pamphlets.

24) Organize events and post the pictures, videos on your Brand page and don’t forget to tag your close friends.

25) Keep your Facebook URL short, simple and easy to remember. Most of times it contains the name of your brand.



I am a Digital Marketing Expert who helps Small business grow online. I create brands by improving sales and conversions through Online Marketing channels like SEO, Social Media, Adwords & Content Marketing. During free time, i write blogs and share my knowledge with others.

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