6 General Types of HTTP Errors Found On The Web


We often come across some errors when we visit a website such as 404 or Page not found error. This error can either be from user side or from the website server and each of these errors have some HTTP code associated with it. So let us discuss the various types of errors found while surfing. Although there are many types of HTTP errors, I have discussed 6 most common types of errors.

HTTP 400 Error

It is also called as Bad server error, this error is returned from web server when a user browser sends a bad syntax or request.


HTTP 401 Error

It is also called as unauthorized error and is returned from the client server. This happens when a user is trying to login to a webpage, and he fails to provide a valid username / password, or both. This error happens because the user is not authorized to access a webpage do to unsuccessful login attempts.

HTTP 403 Error

This is also called as forbidden error. This error happens when a person tries to access a file, page or directory and website administrator does not want the user to access that data path.


HTTP 404 Error

It is a very common error and is also called as Page not found error. 404 not found error occurs when a person tries to access a page that does not exist. In 404 error the server cannot fetch the webpage which the user requested. It happens when the page has been removed, deleted, link is broken or when wrong URL is typed. To overcome this problem the error page is redirected to a relevant page, normally home page or often a custom 404 error page is created with some message. A beautiful example of 404 error page is shown below

 404 error

We can view various types of HTTP errors in Google Webmaster tools in Crawl errors section as shown in the image below where various 404 error pages have been shown

404 not found

HTTP 500 error

It is also called as internal server error. The web page could not be loaded due to server configuration problems. It happens then the server encounters some internal error due to overload of tasks. You get the message to contact site administrator.

HTTP 503 Error

In this type of error the server cannot process a request due to server overloading. It is a temporary problem, when a user makes the request again after some time, the problem is normally resolved.






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