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I am a Digital Marketing Expert who helps Small business grow online. I create brands by improving sales and conversions through Online Marketing channels like SEO, Social Media, Adwords & Content Marketing. During free time, i write blogs and share my knowledge with others.


How To Do Social Media Branding For Your Company

  On an average any individual spends about 26% of his internet usage time only on social media sites, today in this Digital Age will be foolish to avoid social media for any brand. Social media can be very useful for creating brand awareness, getting traffic to sites, getting leads, solving customer queries and drive […]

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How to Run Paid Ad Campaigns on LinkedIn for B2B

LinkedIn is social network, valuable for connecting with professionals and prospects. You can target industry experts on LinkedIn based on their job roles, designation, skills, education, age etc. When it comes to running a paid campaign, it is more expensive as compared to running ads on Adwords and Facebook, but the advantage is that you […]

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Reasons To Use Webmaster Tools For Website Optimization.

  The Google Webmaster Tools is a free tool for monitoring various technical aspects of a website such as search queries, number of clicks,  keywords position, impressions, click through rate, backlinks, internal links, manual actions, index status, crawl errors, sitemap submission etc. Data Highlighter- It helps Google better understand your site’s data and structure. If […]

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