Benifits of Advertising on Google Display Network


Nurturing Leads

See a person reading a blog post or watching a video might look at banner ads and goes on landing page by clicking on it , but might not be ready to buy a product or fill up a form. We might not get any lead at present, but still we know that our ad was relevant to the person that is why he clicked on the ad. The takeaway is that that person will be added to our re-marketing audience list, and will be shown relevant ads in near future.

Brand Awareness

Google Display Network is by far the largest advertising platform on the planet with billions of impressions coming each day on millions of websites.  Display ads is primarily for brand awareness and trust building with audience and not for leads or sales.

Cheaper Advertising

Today almost everybody is on the web, at least 2 billion people on the planet have access to internet. Gone are the days of expensive billboards, sinages, hoardings, TV, newspaper ads where you sit and wait for people to see your ads and then one day come to your shop. Display ads are far cheaper as compared to traditional modes of advertising.

High ROI

As compared to traditional advertising it gives higher return on the investment.


It enables us to re-market the audience who have visited our website earlier. It is very effective as chances of conversions are more.

Advertising to Email Database

This one is very effective way of targeting as you can target a qualified list of leads who did not convert earlier. You first have to make a list of email address who have not converted before. If you have database of email address, then you can upload the list in Adwords and target then in their Gmail inbox or when they logged into Google products such as YouTube or Blogger. Suppose you are an eCommerce company and you want to target a person who has previously bought a product from you, then you can re-target him via his email address.

In-Market Audience Targeting

In this you can target audience based on industry such electronics, computers, business services etc. In this Google peeks into the users recent browsing history in order to find in which market segment they belong to, and accordingly it targets users.

Google Display ads are very important to increase brand awareness for a company. To learn more you can undergo a training in pay per click.






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