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Reasons To Use Webmaster Tools For Website Optimization.

Reasons to use Google webmaster tools

  The Google Webmaster Tools is a free tool for monitoring various technical aspects of a website such as search queries, number of clicks,  keywords position, impressions, click through rate, backlinks, internal links, manual actions, index status, crawl errors, sitemap submission etc. Data Highlighter- It helps Google better understand your site’s data and structure. If […]


16 Stategies for Conversion Rate Optimization(CRO)

16 Stategies for conversion rate optimization

Are you worried about leads and sales for your business? Is your getting traffic but poor leads or conversions. If answer to above questions are “yes” . Then you got to optimize your website for conversion. I have listed below a number of conversion rate optimization techniques- Using a Contact form on your service pages […]


What is Off-page SEO & How to do it correctly

What is Off-page SEO & How to do it

Off page SEO is also referred to as Backlinking. It is still very important for online marketing strategy of your website. In this we create links on an external website naturally or manually, which points to our website. It should be done very carefully with care. Never use paid links or any automated tools to […]


What is On page SEO & How to Do it?

What is On-page and How to do it

The On page SEO is the basic and most important thing in Search Engine Optimization. It contains the various syntax laid down by the search engines such as Google or Bing to help a website rank well on the Search Engines. Meta Title It most important in On page SEO. Each page should contain a […]