Google Analytics Training

Google analytics training institute in bangalore


Google analytics is a tool which is used for analysis of the traffic of a website. It is also used for reporting, tracking and measuring the various metrics of a website. It helps us the understand the user behavior on a website, their path journey , source etc.

Techmappers offers best Google Analytics Training in Bangalore with most experienced professionals.  Our team of Google Analytics trainers offers Google Analytics Classroom training for both beginner level to advanced level. We provide training in weekday and weekends depends on the learner’s requirement. This Google analytics training course will help you to use and analyze data of a website to achieve various marketing objectives for a company.

In This Google analytics certification course you shall learn the basics of Google Analytics interface how to apply Google Analytics concepts on any website in order to understand website performance, website visitor interaction, behaviors and goals. In this course you will learn as to how Google Analytics works, its set-up, implementation, use of filters, segmentation, reporting and data interpretation in order to achieve a business objective.


Benefits of Learning Web analytics

  • It gives detailed information about the traffic and visitors coming to a website.
  • We can analyze the performance of various pages and accordingly we optimize the site.
  • Google analytics data can be integrated with Google AdWords to get more information about users.
  • Helps to create a holistic online marketing strategy by looking at the user behavior.
  • You will be able to create goals and track leads and conversions accurately.
  • You will be able to formulate a holistic marketing strategy for your company.
  • Learn to Increase traffic to a website, reduce bounce rates,
  • Ways to increase user engagement, get leads and increase sales.

Analytics Course syllabus

  • Introduction to Web analytics.
  • Importance on Google analytics
  • Google analytics setup.
  • How to do reporting
  • Understanding Dimensions and metrics
  • Using Key performance indicators(KPIs) to measure performance
  • Using and understanding filters to analyze various data
  • Building a Funnel in Google Analytics and its uses.
  • Creating different types of reports- Audience Insights Reports, Behavior Report, Demographics Reports, Engagement Report, Users Flow Report, E-commerce Report
  • Mobile app Analytics using Firebase tool.
  • Understanding dashboard and customizing it.
  • Event Tracking in Web Analytics
  • Attribution modelling
  • Remarketing and retargeting using Google analytics
  • Setting up Goals and tracking conversions.
  • Importance of bounce rate, and how to reduce.
  • How to increase on page time and visitors on website.
  • Creating Segmentation Reports with multiple Dimensions
  • Importance of UTM Tagging and using them in AdWords.
  • Integrating Analytics with Webmastertools and Adwords.

Google Certification

To obtain a certification from Google in analytics you will have to appear for an online Exam conducted by Google. After the course completion you will be easily able to crack this exam.

Its an online exam conducted at our study center and the passing score is 80%, consisting of 70 questions and duration is 90 min.

Who should do this training.

  1. Experienced SEO, Social Media experts.
  2. Fresher’s students.
  3. Marketing or sales Professionals
  4. Small business owner and entrepreneur
  5. Any Graduates and post Graduates