How To Do Social Media Branding For Your Company


On an average any individual spends about 26% of his internet usage time only on social media sites, today in this Digital Age will be foolish to avoid social media for any brand. Social media can be very useful for creating brand awareness, getting traffic to sites, getting leads, solving customer queries and drive sales for any business.

1) Know your Brand

Before diving into the highly competitive social media branding, you must understand your own brand product, services, and offerings with the eyes of a marketer, it will help in making an effective social media marketing strategy.

2) Identify your Business Goals

There can be different goals for different companies based on their products, intention, budget & Targets. Below are a few business goals that any brand may have-

  • Creation of brand awareness
  • Driving traffic to company website
  • Form Sign-ups
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Apps installation
  • User Nurturing
  • Product sale
  • Selling a service
  • Social Listening
  • To Provide Customer Support


 3) Identify Target Audience

It is very important to identify your target audience based on the age, gender and demography. We should create our social content by keeping our target audience in mind. This data becomes critical when we do paid social media marketing.

4) Do Market Research

It is very important to identify where your audience is, how much time they spend on social media, which social media site they are using and what time of day they are most active. These data will help your social media expert to effectively plan a social media strategy and get the best results.

5) Identify The Media Channel

Identify and list down the social networking websites you will use to promote your company’s products and services. It’s logical, why would I waste time on Instagram when my target audience is present on Facebook. For instance, if your company is a B2C company then you would not want to have a strong presence on LinkedIn.

6) Create a team

Creating a team is important to handle your social media presence on the web, which depends on the size of your company, budget etc. Create an own in-house team for handling your brand’s social media.

  • Small company(30-200employees) – A company of very small size normally have a single person to handle their social media needs. Sometimes hiring a person may prove expensive for start-ups so in that case, they outsource the work to a digital marketing agency.
  • Medium Company( 200- 5000 employees) – A medium size company may have 1-3 employees working on social media needs on positions like social media executive, social media manager who works closely with help of content writers, SEM experts and graphic designers. The exception being a Digital Media House which can have a larger team of (5-15) handling various small businesses.
  • Large Company(5000 and above) – A large company may have up-to (5-20) employees just to handle their social media. E-commerce companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay have a larger team of more than 20 because they have to handle social media across different countries & continents.

7) Learn from Competitors

Since you are running a business you already know who your competitors are. Do a research on your competitors and community and learn what they are doing on social media. Observe how your competition is engaging, interacting and communicating with their audience and how they are reaping the benefits. Then you can come up with a strategy to engage your audience & community.

8)Don’t over promote your services

Some brands make the mistake of promoting only their products and services on their social media profiles. Don’t just share links and post on social sites instead try to educate the visitors through some content marketing strategy.

9) Complete your Profile

It is very important to properly create and complete the profile for your company page on social networks. For example use a Logo, Nice cover image, site URL, a unique description of your company with company’s message.

10) Share Diverse content

Your content should not be only posts related to your product and services. Post and share articles from your company blog. Make use of proper images to send a message to your brand followers. Also share videos of your company commercials, that your company may have created for promotion on Television and YouTube. A picture speaks a thousand words, try creating visual messages in the form of an infographic.

11) Post Regularly

Running a social media campaign is like running a marathon, success does not come easily on it. It takes time and patience to build loyal followers. Post and share quality content regularly on your company profiles. Post on a daily or weekly basis consistently depending upon the type of product you are selling

12)Community Creation

Create a community or group around your brand. For example, you can create a group related to your products on Facebook. Use community not just to promote yourself but to connect with people, share experiences, funny and useful information.

13)Be Consistent

While creating and sharing company cover image & logo on different social media sites keep the color scheme constant. If you use a different cover image on Facebook and a different one on twitter, then your readers will get confused and may perceive you on twitter as a different brand. Another example is sometimes brands change the color of the logo while creating profiles on different sites, this sends the wrong message in the minds of your followers and they may not recognize you as a brand and hence it hampers your brand position in the minds of people. To overcome this problem you can choose a color palette by taking your logo as a reference. For instance, Uber has a black color logo and on its twitter cover page, it has intentionally used black shades to resonate with the brand message.

14) Invent Hashtags

Create new hashtags around your brand so that people can find you by searching you on twitter, Google+, and Instagram. Use these hashtags regularly in your social media posts.

15) Spend on Paid Ads

Using paid social media ads is yet another effective way to promote your business for brand awareness, getting leads and drive conversions. These days’ brands are using content marketing strategy to nurture their audience with sponsored content on sites like LinkedIn. Facebook has proved to be very effective for many start-ups for getting quality leads.

16) Influencer Marketing

For a new brand getting attention on social media can be very difficult. In this case, social media experts can look to connect and build relationships with top influencers in their industry. An influencer is someone who has expertise in a field, has a big fan following and is active on social media. Getting a mention of your brand in their tweets can drive a lot of traffic to your posts and website. A Facebook live video from an influencer can generate a lot of interest in your brand and people may follow or like your Facebook page.

17) Use Tools

To make life easy for social media experts there are various automation tools available on the web that can be leveraged to timely schedule posts and tweets on various social media channels. There are many popular tools like Buffer.com, Hootsuite.com, marketo.com. With these tools, you can schedule your post across multiple popular social media sites at any time for a future day, week or month in advance.

By following above tips you can create an effective Social Media branding and presence for your brand. Let me know if i could add something in the comment section below.


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