How to Improve Click Through Rate of your Ads


Are your running an Adwords campaign, what is your average CTR of your ads. Having a low CTR can prove to be a disaster for your campaigns. CTR is one of most important factors for running a successful PPC campaign.

Benefits of Having a High Click Through Rate(CTR)

  • You get more clicks on your ads
  • Quality score improves
  • You start getting cheaper clicks.

How to get a good Click Through Rate

  • Get a good average position on search results, so that your chances of ads getting clicked improves. And for getting a good ad position you need to bid higher, so that your ads are showing at least on the 4th position, it not first.
  • Make a compelling headline for your ads so that it will catch viewers eyeballs
  • Include a Unique selling proposition(USP) in your ad. It can be some offers, discount or special features.
  • Use Ad extensions in your ad copy.
  • High CTR will happen only if you keyword has higher Ad Rank . As we know ad rank is a product of Bid and Quality Score. So the takeaway is that we got to improve the quality score of every keyword in our account in order to improve the Ad Rank.
  • Be active with your account, monitor performance and tweak ads regularly.
  • Delete, or pause the low performing keywords and Ads.
  • Use Display URL to show your product, discounts, offers and even services
  • Use of Negative Keywords, it helps to reduce unwanted clicks and reduce costs
  • Use Call to actions such “Buy Now” , “Call Us” , “Limited Time Offer”




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