Latest Google Algorithms Updates And its Impact on SEO

Google algorithms is there to help the users to get relevant search results and prevent seo spammers to get quick and irrelevant results. Google wants the users to get exactly what they want. As long as you are following the Google webmaster guidelines, adhering to best seo practices and avoiding spammy SEO methods, you don’t need to worry about the various algorithms.

1) Hummingbird Update

Hummingbird is a Google search algorithm, which helps Google to understand the meaning of any query, and hidden information and  helps to deliver the answers in form of search results. This is not related to ranking.

RankBrain is the tool to make Google Algorithm (Humming Bird) more accurate, its one of the sub-component of Humming Bird Algorithm. In other words RankBrain helps to deliver search results in response to the query searched for the first time on Google. RankBrain involves the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence in response to queries never asked before on the search engine.

2) Panda Update

Panda algorithm was introduced to catch and penalize websites with low quality or duplicate content and thus it helps to prevent such sites from ranking higher on search results. So make sure you don’t copy content from other site and also don’t write low quality content with little value for users and with grammatical errors.

3) Google Penguin Update

This algorithm is mainly related to links on a site. It was introduced to prevent websites with low- quality spammy backlinks and over optimized anchor text from ranking higher on search engine results page. A low quality backlink could be links from low quality directory, irrelevant sites, profile links, social bookmarks, lots of blog comments. Other spammy methods of getting links are buying paid links, link exchange, link network. It targets sites with too many exact match anchor texts.

4) Pigeon Update

 This algorithm was released by Google in July 2014 to provide more accurate local search results against the user queries. With this update many local small business websites started to rank well on the Google even above bigger competitors. It started showing results based on the users location.

5) Mobile Update

With the increase in the number of mobile users, Google felt the need to improve the user experience for mobile users, so they launched this major mobile-friendly sites update. Google clearly says that sites without a mobile-friendly website provide a bad user experience and hence their rankings will get affected slightly. So to rank well on mobile searches make sure your site optimized well for mobile devices.

6) Google EMD Update

This update was mainly targeted at sites having a keyword in their domain. So rankings of those sites were affected which had a exact match keyword in their website URL.   

7) Google Top Heavy Update

This update affected those sites which had large number of ads, banners on the top of fold.

8) Google Pirate Update

This update was not against normal small sites. It was mainly against torrents sites like piratebay whose domain was banned from Google or rankings were severely affected. If a site receives a lot of content copyright infringement complains against it, the site will get banned from appearing on search results.

9) Fred Update

Fred update was launched mainly to target blogs, news sites with low quality content having too many ads and affiliate links. Such sites offers no value to users and are mainly created to promote affiliate products and generate revenue from ads.




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