16 Stategies for Conversion Rate Optimization(CRO)


Are you worried about leads and sales for your business? Is your getting traffic but poor leads or conversions. If answer to above questions are “yes” . Then you got to optimize your website for conversion. Conversion rate optimization is very important in order to capture leads on a website or landing page. I have listed below a number of conversion rate optimization techniques-

  1. Using a Contact form on your service pages of your website.

It is good idea to put a small contact form in front of the eyes of your customers, rather than to beg and wait for your customers to visit the contact page of your website, and then fill the form . Keep the form input fields short and few.

  1. Use a Call to action Button

Use a good call to action button on certain relevant pages of your website. The message on the call to action button is very important. Examples are “Signup for free Demo”  “Subscribe for more tutorials”

“Give me more traffic” . Not just the message, but the color is also important. Choose a bright and a distinct color, that is not used anywhere on your website, so that it catches the readers attention.

  1. Project your message

Write clear concise and feature rich content to showcase your products and services.

  1. Flashy Design

Don’t make your website too flashy by using flash, too many bright images, keep your site simple and professional.

  1. Test CTA Button

Try to test different Call to Action buttons, and see which ones are working best for your business.

  1. Use a Video

Using a video to explain your products or services is a good idea, as it builds more trust and website engagement. You can also publish the same video on your YouTube channel, it will help in brining more traffic to your site.

  1. Internal Links

Use relevant and useful links pointing to other services or products pages. Doing this improves user experience and increases engagement.

  1. Your Page Headline

Headline is very important to attract the eyeballs. It is an important selling factor, so make it concise and distinct, but not too flashy.

  1. Gifting

Provide a small gift to your readers in exchange of their emails or mobile numbers.

  1. Popups

Use good pop-ups on pages of your website. It may provide some offer in exchange for email, name and phone numbers.

  1. Using Phone number

Use a phone number on every page of your website, place it in an appropriate position so that it visible clearly. It is very important as people may call you instead of just filling up a form.

  1. Add Customer Testimonials

Showcase some trust and credibility to the reader, by showing some real case testimonials.

  1. Showcase your Awards

Show off the awards that your company has won from various recognized organizations.

  1. Selling Proposition

Mention your unique selling proposition, state what makes your company or its services different from others. Why people should trust your brand and why they should buy from you.

  1. Add Trust Badges

You can mention on your site reviews and rating from sites like yelp, trustpilot or glassdoor.  Suppose if you are a Digital Marketing agency, then you can add a Google Partner Badge to your website. Doing this wins the trust of the site visitors.

  1. Use Live Chat Support

Use chat feature software like “Zopim” to interact with customers visiting your site. You can answer queries of your visitors and get contact details.








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