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Step-By-Step Process On How To Create XML Sitemap For A Website

Sitemap is an XML file containing the list of all the URLs containing in a website. This file lets the search engines know the various pages containing in a website. It is like a map of your website and is useful for search engines and not users. To create an XML file you can use the tool XML-Sitemaps.

To view the xml file for any live website you can use the below format.

Ex- www.example.com/sitemap.xml



To create a XML sitemap we can use any online tool available. In this case I have used xml-sitemaps.com. Open this site and just type in your home page URL and click on generate sitemap.

Sitemap creation step1



Click on view sitemap details.

Sitemap creation step 2



Click on download XML sitemap file. The file will be downloaded with the name sitemap.xml in a notepad text file format.

XML sitemap creation step 3

Remember there are other kinds of sitemap file like HTML sitemap, Image sitemap & video sitemap.

You download them as well if needed.


Step 4

Now that the file has been created we need to upload it in the root folder inside Cpanel of the hosting server. For that we have to login to Cpanel. Then go to the file manager as shown in the image below.

XML sitemap creation step-4


After clicking on the file manager you will be able to see the root folder named public_html/techmappers.com

XML Sitemap creation step4


Step 5

Now we can click on the upload button and upload the xml file we created in the step 3.

XML sitemap creation step5



After uploading click on reload. You will be able to see that the sitemap.xml file has been uploaded.

making XML Sitemap step4


Now go to the Google search console. Click on sitemaps on the left hand side. In right side there is a option to add new sitemap, just type there “sitemap.xml” and click on submit. You will see a success message. And you are done.

XML sitemap creation step7








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