Reasons To Use Webmaster Tools For Website Optimization.


The Google Webmaster Tools is a free tool for monitoring various technical aspects of a website such as search queries, number of clicks,  keywords position, impressions, click through rate, backlinks, internal links, manual actions, index status, crawl errors, sitemap submission etc.

  1. Data Highlighter- It helps Google better understand your site’s data and structure. If your site contains data like event listing or author or review ratings then it can be highlighted using a mouse. It helps Google to better present your data on search results.
  2. HTML Improvement- It shows if there is any missing, duplicate, long or short title & description.
  3. Sitelinks- In this section we can remove sitelinks if don’t want it to appear on search results.
  4. Search Traffic- It gives idea about keyword search queries, number of clicks, keywords position, impressions, click through rate, backlinks, internal links, manual actions.
  5. Index Status- In this Google shows how many pages have been indexed by search engines, number of blocked pages, or resources.
  6. URL Removal- In this we can remove URL’s from search engines results page(serp).
  7. Crawl Errors- It shows different types of errors like sever error’s , DNS errors, crawl errors
  8. Sitemap submission- In this Webmaster Tool we can also submit sitemaps for better indexing of pages. It helps the search engines to crawl your website efficiently.
  9. Fetch as Google- Using this tool we can instantly submit and index new pages to search engine.
  10. Robots.txt Tester- It is used to test if any URL or webpage is blocked by robots.txt file for search engines.
  11. Country Targeting- It also has the option to target visitors of a specific country.
  12. Preffered URL- One can also set the preferred version of URL by clicking on the “Gear” icon.  Your website can have 2 versions. Example  With WWW  http://www.techmappers.com/ and without WWW  http://techmappers.com/ .  You can choose any of the two versions.
  13. Acclerated Mobile Pages(AMP Pages)- This are pages which helps the webpages to load faster on the mobile devices even on slow internet network. Basically it was introduced to improve the user experience.  Here  is  link which explains how to create such pages. Guidelines for creating AMP pages

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