What is Landing Page, Its Types and Importance

What is Landing pages

It is a dedicated page used for providing some information about a product being sold or service being provided. It is also called as lead capture page, as it helps to get leads and bring conversions. It is written in HTML, CSS and is very different from a website page because it provides specific information about a product or service. Unlike a website page it has less links to others pages and is highly focused and is very essential for online marketing campaigns be it PPC, Social Media or email campaigns.

Types Of Landing Pages

1. Click through Landing pages

It is normally used for e-commerce website. It’s purpose is to warm up the visitor before taking him to typically a shopping cart page or registration page. These type of landing pages are used to introduce visitor with product details or services, so that the person is convinced to click on a Call to action button taking him to another page.

2. Lead Generation Landing pages

Lead Generation Landing pages are used to collect a visitor’s data such as Name, email and phone number through a small form made on the landing page. The main purpose of it is to collect information about a prospect, so that the person can be contacted in future for conversion and sales.

There are many ways to create a Lead gen page. For example you can create an e-book and make it available for users to download it by filling up a form on the landing page.  There are various ways to create lead gen pages like-

  • Online Webinar registration
  • Newsletter Signup
  • Contest entry
  • Offer or Discount coupons
  • Free trial offer
  • A physical gift (via direct mail)


 Where is it used?

It is used in Paid Search engine marketing campaigns like Google Adwords or Bing ads.

It is also used for social media ads on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, yahoo etc .

Purpose and its importance for Online Marketing.

  1. It can be actively used in online paid campaigns, for providing information to users
  2. It provides flexibility to customize the landing page according to the ads and keywords.
  3. If you are Doing Adwords campaign, then product specific relevant landing pages can help you to improve quality score by increasing ad relevancy. A high quality score will help in getting cheaper clicks(CPC) and reduce campaign costs.
  4. It is used to warm up a potential customer, before pushing further towards buying cycle.
  5. It is free of distraction unlike a website page where you have other links pointing to other pages of website, so it is highly focused towards a particular conversion goal.
  6. It is built for one purpose that “Lead capture” or “Conversion” .






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