What is Off-Page SEO & How to do it Correctly


Off page SEO is also referred to as Backlinking. It is still very important for online marketing strategy of your website. In this we create links on an external website naturally or manually, which points to our website. It should be done very carefully with care. Never use paid links or any automated tools to get easy backlinks as it may induce a Google penalty. Submit links only on high quality website with DA more than 30.

Content Marketing

It is the best way to get natural links and traffic. If done properly, is enough to get you ranking on the search engines. In this create content on blog page of our website and share it on social media which creates social links.

Social Media

 It is the second most important ranking signal. Presence of a company brand on the Social Media does help in ranking. Social likes, shares, tweets or pins does help your site in ranking. Also sharing blogs, posts and links on social media sites is very essential as it increases social mentions of your brand and increases backlinks.

Social Bookmarking

These are the types which help you to save your favorite links in one website. This technique is used to save website links on sites like Pinterest & Stumbleupon.

Directory Submission

It is just like a website directory. This type of submission is still important very important and one must be very careful while submission. Don’t just go and submit on any site, choose a site of high domain authority(DA) above 30, having a page rank of more than 3. It is used to submit a business information on a web directory. Company data should be submitted in the right category, with only home page link need to be submitted. Try to write a unique title during submission.

Examples-    Dmoz.org, Viesearch.com, sonicrun.com, sitepromotiondirectory.com

Local Listing Sites

Submitting businesses on local listing sites is very important if your business serves in a particular city, are or a country. It has very high SEO value. Below are some popular local listing sites. In this type of submission you have to first register on the site and provide details about your business, products or services, contact details and address. Examples of local listing sites are-



Google My Business


Classified Submission

On these type of sites we  submit advertisements related to our business product or service. We need to submit the title, ad description, tags, contact details and website link. It helps to increase band citation(mention) and also backlinks.

Examples-  Craiglist.co.in, Olx.in, Quickr.com, sulekha.com

Blog Commenting

It is still a popular method of getting easy backlinks. But should be done in proper way, first read the blog and the write a useful, relevant comment and leave a home page link in website section.

PPT & PDF Submission

In this type of submission we create PPT or PDF file related to company products, services,  and submit it on PPT or PDF submission sites like www.slideshare.com or   www.scribd.com Care should be taken not to submit same PPT content on multiple sites.

Examples- authorstream.com , slideserve.com, box.com, powershow.com

Press Release

It is basically breaking a news about your company online. It could be related to your company financials, products, acquisitions. Press release is like online news papers. Below are some examples of press release sites-




Guest Posting

It involves posting of an article on another high domain authority relevant website. It should be done in limited numbers. Below are some examples of press release sites-






Question & Answer sites

 There are very good sites like quora.com, ask.com and yahoo answers where you can actively engage with relevant users. You can ask questions with and get answers or you could answer the questions, leaving behind links to relevant page or blog post. Ex-



Profile Submission sites

On this sites we create profile as an individual or for a brand. We fill all basic details like education, occupation, interest, contact details along with a link to your websites. 







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