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What Is Search Engine Optimization Or SEO & Its Advantages


Search engine optimization is a subset of a broader term called Digital Marketing. SEO is a set of rules or guidelines or tips that SEO experts follow and implement it in order to optimize a website so that it ranks higher on the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Ask, Yandex etc.

A more technical definition of SEO

SEO can also be defined as the syntax or grammar of search engines as laid down by Google or Bing in their webmaster guidelines, which must be followed strictly in order help search engines read and index your website easily so that it can rank well. SEO helps the bots or crawlers to identify the different elements, structure of a website. Here is the Google’s official webmaster guidelines which can be followed to improve the ranking of a website in an ethical way – Google guidelines

Wait the definition is not over yet there is more of it.

Yes the performance analysts or seo experts mainly use SEO best practices for Search engines like Google, Bing etc. But the SEO concepts can also be applied to websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and even job websites like Naukri.com because even these sites have their own in-built search engines.

I will explain by examples-

For social media site seo can be used to optimize a person’s profile so that it can rank well on the website such as Facebook or LinkedIn. So whenever you will search the person by his name, designation it will show on top of search results. For SEO on social media sites various practices can be followed like completing your profile by filling all the minute details, describing yourself with proper headline, description, using targeted keywords in content and being active on site and regularly engaging with others. Here is an example article on “How to optimize your profile on Linkedln”.

Even YouTube is a search engines on which we can optimize our videos instead of a website by writing a proper keyword rich headline, video file name and description.

Generic meaning of SEO

It is basically ranking or optimizing a website or user profiles or Vieos or images for search engines.


Advantages of doing SEO for a website.

It helps you to rank a website well on search engines for search queries that user types. It brings organic traffic or visitors to your website which eventually leads to conversions and sales on your website. A proper guidance and seo training is must for improving the traffic on a website.







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